Should I Reface My Kitchen Cabinets?

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There are many reasons to reface your kitchen cabinets, but the most common one is cost. Simply put, the cost of refacing a kitchen cabinet is lower than replacing the cabinet altogether. This is especially important if you have additional renovation plans underway. If you're asking yourself "Should I reface my kitchen cabinets?", keep reading to get a better understanding of the cabinet refacing process.

What Cabinet Refacing Means

A basic refacing involves installing new cabinet doors, drawer fronts, and covering the face frames with a veneer made out of plastic or wood. Most of these projects can take a few days to complete, but it greatly depends on how many cabinets your kitchen has.

The work isn’t necessarily challenging and can be easily handled by a professional kitchen remodeler, although in some cases, more courageous homeowners may want to do it themselves. With the number of online tutorials that can assist them, it’s not really a surprising thing to see, but refacing does require a professional hand to get the job done right.

Refacing the cabinets isn’t necessarily a bad idea — but, it may not work for all kitchens.

When Cabinet Refacing Doesn’t Make Sense

Refacing your kitchen cabinets makes sense only if the problems you have with them are aesthetic in nature. If the doors are worn out, or you want to change their color because you want to repaint your kitchen, then refacing is a good and easy way to complete your project.

But, you need to think about whether this is the only problem you have with your cabinets. For instance, the cabinets make up a good part of the kitchen layout, and if you’re unhappy with how your kitchen feels right now, refacing won’t help you at all. If you spend the money on cabinet refacing, but are still left with the same impractical layout, then you’ve wasted your investment.

Refacing cabinets costs less than replacing your kitchen with custom cabinets!

Additionally, there’s also the question of whether the existing cabinets are worth refacing at all. Very old cabinets that seem to fall apart or were improperly built from the beginning won’t improve much with a refacing project. It would be like putting a bandaid on an open cut - you may cover the issue, but it’s still very much there.

Lastly, the structure of your home must also be taken into consideration. It’s more and more common for modern homes to ditch the classic structure with separate rooms for each activity, and go for larger, open spaces. So if your kitchen is connected to the living room, the entire decor should be taken into account. Will refacing help create a design harmony in your space?

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